Return Form

Print this form by "Right+Clicking" on This Frame and selecting
File/Print on your Browser.  Then complete  the form and place INSIDE the carton
of your return.  We ask this information because we receive many packages donated

Date: __________________     Original Order # _________________

Your Name:_______________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________

How was the order paid?

Was this paid by Paypal?  _________   If not, please provide credit card details.

Credit Card Number: _______________________ Exp Date _________

Customer contact information.

Phone Numbers:  Day________________  Evening _________________

Email Address: _____________________ Fax _____________________

Item Number       Quantity     Price Paid        Reason for Return  

___________      _______    ___________   ____________________  

___________      _______    ___________   ____________________  

___________      _______    ___________   ____________________  

___________      _______    ___________   ____________________  

___________      _______    ___________   ____________________  

Criteria for returning merchandise.  Please initial.

We will deduct from your refund, or donate your items that do not meet criteria.

We have had particular problems with garments full of pet hairs, smoke odors, ripped packages of underwear/pajamas, and opened shirts returned without original packaging or returned with packaging that is unusable.   We have also received orders belonging to other webstores.

In each of the above cases, you will be charged either a cleaning fee (when possible), or your item will be donated to local charity. 

Returns need to be shipped to our address in Dallas:

Big & Tall Direct
7275 Envoy Ct
Dallas, TX  75247

Please allow 2 weeks after we receive your return for credit to appear on your bankcard statement.