Big and Tall Savane 

Savane Big and Tall

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Waist 30 32
44 44x30 44x32
46 46x30 46x32
48 48x30 48x32
50 50x30 50x32 SOLD OUT
52 52x30 52x32
54 54x30 54x32

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  BIGS         TALLS  
Length         Length    
Waist 28 30 32   Waist 34 36 38
44 44x28 44x30 44x32  
46 46x28 46x30 46x32   36   36x36 36x38
48 48x28 48x30 48x32   38   38x36 38x38
50 50x28 50x30 50x32   40   40x36  
52 52x28 52x30 52x32   42   42x36  
54 54x28 54x30 54x32   44 44x34
56 56x28 56x30 56x32   46 46x34
58 58x28 58x30 58x32   48 48x34
60 60x28 60x30 60x32   50 50x34


Shorts in cargo, pleat, plain front. cotton or microfiber. 100% Cotton Wrinkle Resistant.  
Motion Cotton with Stretch Waist.
Savane Cargo Style Short Savane Performance Chinos in Big and Tall Sizes



Savane has been a provider of big and tall for many, many years.  They KNOW how to make a quality garment that fits well.  Our best seller is the 100% Cotton Pant that is wrinkle resistant with a stretch waistband.    Dress slacks are available, but with dress-down Friday's occurring all week long, we find most of our big men prefer cotton.

The hidden elastic waist is a common feature.  It gives you some extra breathing room as you sit down, or if you put on an extra pound or two.   So, if you haven't tried them recently, give them another shot!