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Extra Wide Socks

Tired of squeezing your feet into socks that are too tight?  Fed up with chafed heels and pinched toes?   By the end of the day, do you feel like your feet are caught in a vise?   Treat your feet to extra wide socks from Big Tall Direct!

We understand that there's more to big and tall socks than just going up a size.   Our customers also enjoy "extra wide socks" that allow their feet to feel protected but unconstrained.These big and tall socks are the real deal -- socks with extra wide ankles that are perfect for diabetics or anyone who suffers from swollen feet.    Big Tall Direct carries extra wide socks in two sizes:   King Size (11-16), with one that fits to size 20,  and Regular Size for average feet (8-11).    


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These socks feature extra wide ankles and are perfect for diabetics or anyone who has foot swelling problems. They come in two sizes (King Size for the really big foot) or Regular Size for the normal foot.
Colors are Black, Navy, Khaki, and White































































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