Big and Tall Suspenders

One of the most traditional looks in men's apparel is also one of the most stylish--suspenders are in! Big Tall Direct has got Big and Tall Suspenders in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes that will keep you looking good and feeling great!

Suspenders, or braces, were quite fashionable in the 1920s and by the end of the '80s, they became quite rare. But pant suspenders have gloriously returned in fashion as part of the business men’s fashion revolution a few years back. Remember Michael Douglas' memorable outfit in “Wall Street?” Many business men have been influenced by this and, as a result, suspenders for big and tall men are now not just a simple accessory, but a fashion statement. Do you want to add an additional element of style that will give an elegant layer or panache to your social wardrobe? Do you need an item that will give more power to your business look? Suspenders, in all sorts of fabrics, are back and they can make the difference between a dull looking outfit and one that will help you stand out from the crowd.


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We offer Heavy Duty Big and Tall Suspenders with Sturdy Clips

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